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Who we are


Group ampm born of the need detected in the market to improve delivery times and quality in the sector in Mexico messaging. With over 25 years’ experience in the market, we aim to provide logistics solutions to our business partners and customers through safe, fast and reliable services in Mexico.
We are a committed, with passion and dedication, trained for each of our different divisions work focused on results and high standards of quality in services of Courier, Freight and Distribution, Storage, Manufacturing and Quality Control.
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Professional Ethics


In ampm Group we have established four principles that we apply to all our services and are linked to the institutional values that govern our organization. Therefore we highlight and present the values and principles of Group ampm in each of our actions and decisions.


We provide the elements for people, the products and facilities are free of risks, offering tranquility to our family, our clients and the team members of Grupo ampm.


The mental attitude of our people is aimed at making things happen, our procedures, computer systems and cutting-edge technology are faster and more efficient, thus providing our customers with high quality communication in the shortest time

Team Work

When it does, the company is rewarded with innovation, loyalty, productivity and improved morale at work. The best leader is not going to get very far without a competent team behind him. We are correspondents, we depend on the work of our colleagues.


Problems become ideas, we enrich the company with people who think differently and seek to surround ourselves with innovative profiles

Human Capital




To facilitate logistic solutions and of communication generating bows between our commercial partners and their clients, through safe, fast, punctual and friendly services in Mexico.


To communicate Mexico with excellence and passion generating progress for our families, looking to transcend, fulfilling our commitment to God.


We value the behaviors that reflect ethics, transparency and honesty in the professional and personal scope of our activities, as the means by which we obtain credibility and respect


We value making things accurately, always just in time


We value always be together in good times and in bad times, righteously fulfill our obligations and not defrauding the trust


We value personal hygiene in the personal image and workplace, as the reflection of our employees and therefore the company

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