We are partakers of the need to plant a seed of civil and social responsibility in every person who works here, every step is aimed at improving the quality of life of our employees and our environment.

Socially Responsible Company

Grupo ampm is proud to inform all our employees, we have been recognized for the second consecutive year by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI) as a Socially Responsible Company.


We want to thank all the CeDis and areas for supporting and documenting each of the projects and programs that encourage our social responsibility.


On behalf of Grupo ampm we invite you to reinforce our principles and virtues, as well as continuing to work in the four fields of Social Responsibility: Business Ethics, Quality of life of Company, Community Engagement and Preservation and Environmental Care

Congratulations to all!


We have specific programs to support the community and the environment, focusing on social issues that impact the quality of life of our country.


Let´s plant Conscience

Preserve and protect the environment with the participation of our employees in volunteer activities focused on reforestation, adopt a ridge or a tree, recycling of materials, etc.


100% Smoke Free

We reaffirm our commitment to society, the community, employees, customers and strategic partners. We are officially a 100% Smoke Free Company



Collecting PET bottles with lids and aluminum cans that are donated by Grupo ampm centers; the material becomes an economic resource for cancer patients: purchase of medicines, equipment or payment of studies.



Promoting support causes and organizations previously identified needs through donations, visits or actions which support society and increase…

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